Sunday, 23 December 2012

the utter perfectness of Moonrise Kingdom

I watched Moonrise Kingdom yesterday for the first time. I don't think I can even START to express how much I absolutely love it love it love it.  It is so perfect and amazing and sad and happy and funny and EVERYTHING. Watching it with my parents is just a BIT awkward, but I'm really open with them so it's all good. Most people my age I think would be a bit immature with it which is pretty sad because I can't really think of any of my friends that would enjoy it, or GET it (yet). It is such an absolutely beautiful movie which is really moving (getting all emosh here). It's so absolutely PURE that these two pre-teens of lives so difficult find love. Like 'REAL real' love that most likely would last much longer than the movie ends at. I know that things like that don't happen in life but it's pretty great to watch in such a flawless moo-vayy (running out of adjectives here).

After it finished I went straight to the internet looking for a movie poster of it, firstly because it's so damn awesome, but also because I'm kinda desperate to decorate my room that right now kinda looks right out of an IKEA catalogue (cringe). Lately I've been thinking about the 'teenage bedroom' of messiness and crap and uniqueness and basically everything everywhere. I WANT to look back at myself later and go: "what an amazing dump of me-ness I had for a room", you know? Or maybe not. I think I have OCD about, like, everything.

Well, on the bright side, I found THE poster from RedBubble. Is it not just so?
I love Suzy too much, I think. I kinda tend to basically only like girl characters in movies which is kinda sexist (or feministic, depending how you want to put it) but OH WELL. Her makeup is so dramatic and brilliant like everything in the movie. She is SO pretty. Jeez. (In a scary 'I'm either going to kill you or myself if I get pissed' way...)

And this might just be me being me, but I am obsessed with the fahion in this movie. The whole time I was all like, "THAT DRESS!!! AHHH IT'S TOO PERFECT JUST LOOK AT THE COLOUR AND SHAPE AND EVERYTHING!!!". My mum was just sighing - rightly so. Whatever.

Anyway, if you haven't WATCH IT!!! NOW!!! GO!!! 


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