Monday, 28 October 2013


I made another mixtape for my mum - her only request for a birthday present. It's up and to the right in the sidebar, check it out!

It's half term this week, and I'm already dreading how quickly it's going to go. It seems like in school life you're always anticipating the break from school or particular events to keep you going, like checkpoints in some endless game. I don't hate school, but I know I should be more grateful for the education I receive.

I think the latest mixtape, for my mum, really reflects how I feel right now, even though I didn't realise at the time of choosing the songs and compiling it. It's all about heartbreak and moving on and trying to reach out and find someone, which just keeps sounding more and more relevant to my life as I write this sentence. I especially love the re-discovered The Roots song, Sleep. Hypnotic.

I don't know how to write. I haven't written in a while. It seems lately I've been distracting myself with unimportant things, detracting from everything else that actually matters to me. I'm not as anguished as I probably seem here on the internet. 
I just feel detached.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

please insert title thanks

I am trying and failing to re-design my blog. It is now in its awkward in-between stage just like I am, being a teenager, and looks pretty terrible right now. please pity/help meee.

I feel lame as a blogger and generally as a person right now. To describe it accurately, I feel meh.
Completely lost for inspiration, I helplessly ramble to the internet.

My mum's friend (hey, remember andrea?) made this video of my mum (<3<3<3), which is cute and you should watch. yeah.