Monday, 28 January 2013

because charity shops are the new H&M

Went charity-shop shopping on Sunday because charity shops are the new H&M and stuff. So here are a bajillion outfit posts.
I wore this today to school. Basically I was proud of my outfit, so, you know, here are pictures!
shirt-American Apparel
skirt-£5! FIVE FLIPPPING POUNDS from Cancer Research UK charity shop thang
leggings-dude. you can get them anywhere. 

My first leather jacket!!! Woop. Excuse my inner poser showing through my seemingly normal exterior.
jacket which is casually LEATHER-£20 Cancer Research UK charity shop.



Wore this to the theater on Saturday! Also, you can't see, but I have liquid eyeliner on...yes! I have indeed mastered the art of eyeliner appliance!
dress-new look
shoes-my bautifulamazinggorgeous Docs.

In motion. Never mind my retarded expression!

-Hannah x


Sunday, 27 January 2013

pure joy

So, as 'yall know already (if you're one of my amazing followers, that is. If you're new here, HAAI!!), I love AlunaGeorge. Their mix of electro-pop is addicting and brilliant. Aluna has such a floaty voice and George be dropping dem beats!* gaahhhh too perfect.

Anyways. ANYWAYS.


I don't think my fingers or brain can process this right now (this being what I'm about to talk about), so just give me a minute, if that's OK.


Let me re-phrase that.

AlunaGeorge. Are. Doing. A. Gig. In. London. (Yes. London.) On. My. Birthday. (Yes. My. Birthday.) ANDOHHEMGEEITISTOOAMAZING.

I can't believe it. I am over the moon. Over da friggin' moon. SO HAPPY. JOY. SMILING. DISBELIEF.

They are doing a gig on my birthday!! My birthday!!! And my mum is awesome so she's coming with me!!! And some friends may come too (if they're parents are as awesome as mine). WOW. 

I know most teenagers would be like 'wooaahh wait up mum, YOU have to come? umm noo thanks.' BUT I DON'T CARE AT ALL I'M JUST EXTREMELY UTTERLY BUTTERLY HAPPY.

Here are some pictures of AlunaGeorge because pictures are necessary.
them just looking cute.



I think I have made my point.

With much joy,

*No, I don't actually talk like this.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

to remix or not to remix?

Lately I've been listening to a lot of AlunaGeorge which means I've been listening to a lot of electronica-pop-awesomeness stuff which means REMIXES bigtime. 

I really enjoy remixes. It gives a whole new side and feeling to a song, and even though originals are normally the best, remixes can be really good too. Like reallly good. So here comes the remix or not to remix? And can a remix really ever be better than the original?





Sorry, not many examples. 

For me, ultimately it depends. Normally the original is da winner with no doubt, but...I DON'T KNOW!! AHHH.

What do you think? 


why? just WHY?

I now need a polaroid more than ever. EVER.

I may need it to actually live. Like, continue being alive.

Should I make it the only thing I ask of for my birthday? Blackmail for it? Just buy it myself? (nooo thanks.)



They are expensive.



Actually life is good. Ahh cue pictures of life being good so I don't fall into a deep depression due to the lack of owning a polaroid.

Ok I'm calm.




I am normal.


You share my love though, right? oohhh life is so annoying sometimes.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Liebster Award!

I got nominated for the Liebster award by the (amazing) Morgan! Check out her blog here. You've probably heard of the Liebster award in the modern-day blogosphere. But maybe not. It's pretty low-key.

Thank you SO much Morgan! I'm truly honored :) Well, with no further ado, let's start (look at me going off on a tangent).

So, the rules of this thing are:
  • The award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • The nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them
  • If you are nominated write 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions written by the blogger who nominated you
  • Make up 11 new questions to be answered and nominate 11 other bloggers!
11 random facts about me:
  1. I am an absolute chocoholic.
  2. My favourite colour is blue. Which kind of blue, you ask? Any blue.
  3. I have 2 adorable pet rats. Well, everyone knows that already.
  4. I play nerdy video games with my dad (don't judge!)
  5. I buy a ridiculous amount of things that I never use. It's a very annoying trait.
  6. I have random bursts of creativity. The rest of the time I'm pretty lazy.
  7. When I'm bored in class, recently I've been doing Moonrise Kingdom doodles in the margins or colouring in my birthmarks.
  8. My favourite season has to be Winter (SNOW!), but sometimes it just gets too cold and I wish for Summer. Vice versa as well, of course. 
  9. I have made a promise to myself to live in New York at some point in my life. We go there every year to visit family in friends, but 1 week is not enough for the awe-inspiring Big Apple!
  10. I dance. A lot. I love dancing.
  11. I play guitar but I nevereverever practice.
Questions from Morgan:
  1. Have you ever had a recurring dream or nightmare? - Yeah, I do quite often! I would give an example but I can't think of one. Oh how I annoy myself sometimes...
  2. What's your biggest fear and why? - I'm afraid of bees. I don't know why. It isn't some deep psychological scarring or whatever. I haven't even got stung by one before! It's just I hate the noise they make and the fact that they can hurt you. I'm such a girl.
  3. If you could punch one historical figure (dead or alive) who would it be and why? - Probably King Charles I. He was such an idiot. He basically started the English Civil War alone.
  4. If you could be famous for anything, what would it be and why? - Being able to eat as much chocolate as I want without feeling sick or gaining weight. OK, not really. Maybe I'd want to be famous for blogging or being an artist. Or owning the worlds biggest collection of DMs. Fame seems pretty horrible though.
  5. Who is your idol/hero and why? - Tavi Gevinson. She is just amazing in every way. I know that it's kinda wrong to idolize people as, you know, they are still PEOPLE, but the fact that Tavi is a human with flaws actually makes her even more great. I should probably stop writing before this becomes irritatingly fan-girly.
  6. If you were to magically wake up one morning with the power to see the future, what would you do and why? - I would see what I look like in the future. Just curious. Also, I would want to see what the current trends are in 30 years from now.
  7. Favorite color of nail polish? - Hmmhmmhmhmm. Blue, I have to go with. Dark blue.
  8. Favourite drink? - Milkshakes, lemonade or hot chocolate. Thick hot chocolate. 
  9. What song is currently stuck in your head? - Um. I sing to myself a lot during the day. And nothing springs to mind. Can I change that to 'What song have you been listening to?'? This.
  10. What is your favourite film and why? - Moonrise Kingdom. 'Nuff said.
  11. If you could be best friends with anyone, who would it be and why? - Probably Suzy Bishop. Or Tavi. But I'm kinda in a tie with wanting to be her or be her BFF. This is hard.
My questions:
  1. What fashion era gives you most inspiration?
  2. Back in time or to the future? Where would you go?
  3. Favourite song right now?
  4. Cats or dogs? Why?
  5. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you choose? Why?
  6. Why did you start blogging?
  7. Who is your idol?
  8. Favourite colour?
  9. What's at the top of your wishlist?
  10. Favourite artwork? (painting, sculpture etc.) Why?
  11. If you could bring any fictional character to life who would it be? Why, and what would you do with them?
I nominate: (THIS. IS. HARD.)



Sunday, 20 January 2013

ice, ice, baby

I went ice-skating today for a birthday party (shout out to Myah!). One thing I've learnt today is that I am a natural skater. I swear I was, like, a gold medal Olympic star in my past life, or am destined to be one in the future. This is me:

Oh my god, I'm joking. I'm pretty bad at it. But whatever - funtimezzz. I fell over at least twice (it's actually quite painful!) I couldn't get up myself, so I was just casually sitting on the ice smiling at myself like: 'silly me'. I would draw a picture to illustrate the scene, but honestly I'm not bothered.

It fascinates me how people can figure/ice skate properly! It looks so natural and majestic and easy (it's not easy. At all.) It must take so much practice. 

Rookie did a whole article basically about figure skating and its wonders. Then again, Rookie has a whole article about everything. You can find it here.

On a different, shamazing note, I HAVE NO SCHOOL TOMORROW. It's not even because of the snow! It's because the heating isn't working! YAAAYY. FATE, I TELL YOU. FATE!!! I'm going to try and squeeze in everything I haven't done yet snow-wise - sledging, a full throttle snowball fight, making snow men/creatures/works of art and possibly snow cones (because why not!!!).

I'm going to go finish decorating the exterior of my Suzy Bishop shrine.


despicable ME

So, I've watched Despicable Me twice. It's funny and cute, but, you's not Moonrise Kingdom. The one thing I always remember is the theme tune. I mean, it is actually a pretty damn good song! Honestly, let me show you. (No, I'm not wuuut.)


Saturday, 19 January 2013

random photography

My Moonrise Kingdom poster! Crying of happiness. It is so perfect.

My tassel garland I made with the wonderful inspiration and instruction of ROOKIEMAG (of course). The DIY is here

This is just random, really. Basically this is the front of a card I got given ages ago by a family friend in New York (shout out to Andrew! :) and it looks cool, so...

Dawn and I xx 

you don't snow you're beautiful

Yes, cheesy blog post titles all round! It doesn't even make sense. Or even qualify as a pun. Whatever, I have an excuse of being tired and ill.

So, it was SNOWING yesterday! I had to take some pictures. Simply had to. It was brilliant and white and cold and lovely. Oh, how simple frozen precipitation can elate a soul! Anyway, here are some fantabulous snowy pictures I'd like to share with y'all!

I like the effect of this. My garden looks so pretty in the snow!

Snow-flaked hair 


Me...oh dang my depressed pose face.

My lurrvely docs after trampling the snow for a bit
So, that's that! I cannot explain my love for snow. It's just so brilliant.


Friday, 18 January 2013

just another pro of being ill

-Also, I learnt the cup song.

my darlings (part 1)

I think it's high time I did a post about my darling little ratties!

I honestly don't know why people don't like rats. It's immature to think that they still carry diseases. The tail is not scary at all! It's quite smooth! As babies, they are the cutest things in the world.

These are just some baby pictures from the website of the breeder I got them from. oh hem gee they are adorable!!!

Tammy again - look at her markings! It's like a birthmark but for rats. Kinda.
My baby Dawn.

Tammy with more prominent markings

Ditto fo' Dawwn.
Oh. My. (I don't believe in) God. I FORGOT HOW CUTE SHE WAS.
I don't own these photos, but I own these rats. They were really young in these pictures but I still love them so much!!! Are they NOT adorable???

I will do another post with more recent pictures soon! Do you have pets? 


oh, isn't being ill fun? (the answer is no)

So, yes, I am ill. You know, the usual wintry cold (blegh). I have taken it upon myself to instead of going to school, wallow around in bed blogging and watching the snow fall (YES! I DID SAY SNOW!!!)

I'm thinking of doing a zine today, just simply because I have the time. I'm still pondering on the topic...

Anyway, just because I have the answers right now, let's look at the pros and cons of being ill:


  1. Well, you're ILL.
  2. You miss things at school. OK, this may be a good thing for some people. (cough missing double science today YAY cough)
  3. You don't see your friends.
  4. Your mum makes you make up for it by doing math. At home. (wuuuut? that's only my mum???)

  1. You get to actually have a good night's sleep. Seriously. Alarms are a form of torture.
  2. Your parents are all nice and make you soup and hug you a lot.
  3. You get to be at home! Warmth and freedom. What more does one need?
  4. Did I mention not actually having to drag your sleepy ass to school at 8 in the morning???
  5. You can blog and read and eat and watch the snow all day long.
  6. Etc.
Yeah, maybe it's just me, but the pros outweigh the cons. LET'S ALL GET A COLD!!! Joking.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

paper towns, paper people

Dear Margo,
You are not paper. You are perfect.

Well, that's not accurate. Perfect? I say that a lot. Boo me. Nothing is perfect. Perfection is a concept. Who is to say what's perfect and what's not? It's all down to opinion anyway.

Margo, you don't know how brilliant you are. I don't care that you are fictional. Let's ignore that fact for just a bit. Because you feel real. I only know you from paper, but still you are not paper. You are flesh and blood and here.

What happened with you and Quentin? I want to know, Margo, because your genius creator (John Green, of course) did not make that clear. That's why I am asking you now. Please stay with him foreverandever and make little babies like paper people do. 

But it doesn't make you paper because you do what the paper people do.

Everyone must doubt themselves sometimes, and think that they are paper. Just like you did. I don't really wonder that. Because I'm pretty sure I'm not paper.

John Green and his metaphors are so. Just so.

With love,

*Um, if you have no idea what this is about, then read Paper Towns. But other than that, just go with the flow.

kiss marks on the mirror

Everyone in the blogging world is being all creative apart from me! Oh gosh, if I'm ever going to live up to my blogging occupation I will have to do THINGS. As I will. Soon. Yeah. OK, brainstorm...I'm thinking of doing a zine soon. Um...I should do more collages! Yeah, they're really fun to do. And more outfit posts.

Also, I'm thinking of getting some lipsticks, maybe 2 or 3 (I don't really have any right now). I'm not sure if or what suits me colour-wise, but all I know is that it has to be a matte colour. I really don't like shiny, glossy ones. It just looks like you have too much on even if you don't. Any suggestions? The Topshop selection of lip crayons or whatever they're called looks SO shamazing. Might just have to bag one of those! By the way, recently by brilliantamazinglovely friend Jodhi (check out her blog here) gave me a FREE max factor lip tint in shade 3 (OMIGOD I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT IT IS SO PERFECT) Anyway, here are some lip-spirationy pics!


marilyn monroe , art (marilyn monroe,art,sam shaw,colorizations,vintage,red lipstick,red lips)
Yeah, so I'm still scared about getting arrested. I guess I shouldn't be, but I am. I'm young and innocent if anyone asks, OK?

I know that my blogging isn't just for the well-being of my readers but for me too, but still the question looms..."Do they really care?". Well, I guess you do, seeing as you post all these lovely comments (thanks!) and are actually READING this. Anyway, what do you like on here? Yes, you. You. Personally YOU, sitting on that chair there or lying on that bed. 

I feel like I'm losing my blogging PZAZ. Like, my writing is getting worse or less interesting. Maybe it's not, but it feels like it and it's kinda depressing. It's not a nice feeling.


Monday, 14 January 2013

Sunday, 13 January 2013

things I must have

So, for no apparent reason I decided to make an etsy account a few days ago. I'm probably not going to order anything unless I find something that truly captures my heart and soul (shipping costs...a lot.) but I do have some favourites! Also I'm getting some pictures from other websites. Basically these are some things I dream about when I'm asleep or awake...
1. Lip Marker-Topshop. I need more lip colours (I'm not saying lipsticks because technically it isn't a stick), and this colour is great and Topshop is amazing.
2. Collar-Rings & Tings. I LOVE detachable collars, they just give such a classy, vintage feel to an outfit! I don't have any at home or any collared shirts I'd be willing to cut up, so this is perfect. Also as you can tell, I've been into dark red recently (I promise I'm not a vampire!)
3. Heart Necklace-Etsy. This is just plain cute! It has such a home-made feel! Adorable, kitsch and sweet!
4. Beetle Earrings-Etsy. If you haven't watched Moonrise Kingdom, first of all YOU HAVE NOT LIVED, and second of all you will not understand these gorgeous earrings. OK, so I like shiny bugs obviously, but the fact that they are dead is fine by me as they have been made into beautiful earrings! This reminds me of the brilliant love between Suzy and Sam, and the perfectness of Moonrise Kingdom.
5. Question Mark Ring-Rings & Tings. This is just so cool. OK. I don't NEED it. But who NEEDS jewellery at all? This is basically just awesome.
6. Polaroid Camera-Urban Outfitters. Ahh I should be doing homework. Anyway, Polaroids produce SUCH an amazing effect, and obviously the gorgeous mint colour won me over. This is great. I would be taking pictures of everything if I had one of these. WHY WORLD, WHY DO YOU MAKE THESE THINGS SO EXPENSIVE???
6. Galaxy Notebook-Etsy. I don't know about you, but looking at this just takes me into the Milky Way, staring up at the gorgeous universe (ignoring the fact I would either blow up because of the pressure of suffocate.) I need to do more notebook things, and this is amazing!
7. Velvet Skirt-Urban Outfitters. I love Urban Outfitters, and this skirt is totes amaze! Fits in with my red theme too! I've really been getting into velvet lately, and this is oh-so perfectly gorgeous!

So, there we go! Are these things NOT absolutely inspiring?

My friend showed me this and at first, I'm not going to lie, I was all like: Oh. Um. Well. What the?...
But now I'm all like: Woo! Yeah! This is pretty coooool.
Bye guys! I'm glad you enjoy my rambling hopes and dreams!

-Hannah x

Monday, 7 January 2013


On the bright side of life, I survived school today! I know, thanks, I'm glad too. It wasn't too bad. And I felt bad saying I was tired when one of my friends got 4 hours sleep. Jeez. I got double that. One thing is, I FORGOT HOW ANNOYING PEOPLE ARE. After only seeing my rats, myself, my parents, some of my closest friends etc. over the holidays I became completely oblivious to the extremely irritating...ness of certain people! It was kind of shocking, actually.

Anyway, however engaging school is (not), I have other, more interesting things on my mind. Such as AlunaGeorge. I know I've already done a post about them but they are SOGREAT and there's a totally shamazing teaser video of their album coming out in June (TOO LONG) that I have to share. They are perfect.

Well, there's that! 

On a side note on the brilliant John Green, I'm ploughing through his books! I've read The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, Will Grayson Will Grayson and I've started an Abundance Of Katherines AND I've ordered Paper Towns. That's all of them, I believe! Basically, he is amazing (and a complete nerd, which makes him more amazing!). SPREAD THE WORD. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

the solution post

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I don't mean solution in terms of 'I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERSSSS' (I really don't), but in the scientific way. Like, a mixture of different substances. Because that's what this is. I want to have a rant and I want to add outfit pictures and I want to add pictures I've found and I can't really do them all in detail, so I'll do bits and bobs.

So, school starts tomorrow and I'm mostly depressed which is strange because I honestly like school. (save your raised eyebrows for someone else!) My parents have abandoned me on this horrible Sunday afternoon that is becoming ever nearer to SCHOOL TOMORROW, and I'm just here wallowing in sadness and confusion. Where did the time go? It slipped out my hands just as I was appreciating it. OMIGOD 'winter' here is REALLY annoying me because the days are unbelievably short and its cold but not cold enough to snow and the world is tricking us all and making England a stupid in-between ditch of despair! Excuse my dramaticality (yes, that IS a word (it's not)), but as you can tell, I'm feeling blue. Oh, blue. I love blue! It's my favourite colour! OK, let's lighten the mood with BLUE things!!!

Blueberries are amazing.

Blue hair...Reminds me of what mine was like when i first dyed it, though mine was darker and more purple. I looked like a fairy! Now all I've got left is a blonde into grey ombre. Oh well. It still looks good :)
These kinda photos always annoy me because they're just so chiche and set up. It's still beautiful though.  

I'm feeling better already! Well, the kind of girl that gets excited over a (awesome) mushroom ought to. Sigh. School still looms. I know I'll be happy tomorrow. I mean, I'm happy when I'm THERE. Just getting up at 7:00 and actually using my brain after a week of doing absolutely nothing doesn't sound brilliant to me. I'm thinking of getting a tumblr account, but how old do you have to be to get one? It looks really great, there's so many amazing pictures on there! I'd probably get addicted to it. That's basically my weak spot, websites that ALWAYS have something for you to do on them. Blogging is different because people actually care. And it's fun. It allows me to be creative. You're enjoying this random rambling, aren't you, non-existent readers? 

Soon I have to go back to finishing my EXTREMELY FUN History essay due, like, on Tuesday and then my parents will be back and I'll have to stop neglecting my rats and clean their cage etc. until it's time for bed and then school. Oh, hallelujah. 

OK, I need to calm down again. Here are some more pictures I found on tumblr. ohmyfrigginggeetheyarefantastic.

This is from the music video of Your Drums, Your Love in the art exhibition (yeah, I don't really understand the chosen theme for the song. But check it out. AlunaGeorge are kick-ass). I love geometric shapes and all things fox or wolf-shaped, so this is obviously cool in my eyes. Love it.
This is just awesome. Geometric AGAIN, of course. It's I want a city in my hand!

 This is really quite interesting.
 Oh my, is this not amazing! Hello, serious. The clothes. The poses. EVERYTHING.
I love animals. This is just plain cute, really. Looks quite vintage.

OK, so I've laughed, I've cried, my hands have gotten tired and my eyes fizzled, so it's time to go. Wish me luck for tomorrow!