Friday, 4 January 2013

vintage baby

I admittedly have not been to a thrift shop YET, but instead been to a vintage store in Camden, which has better quality things but  A LOT more expensive (waa). Due to this I've only gotten one thing, which I now live in. It is a HUGE jumper (my true looovvveee) with geometrical shapes that just make it SO hipster. Basically I am utterly in love, and I would just like to express that overwhelming emotion! Oooh I need some long vintage shorts to finish the look! 

My brill photoshop skillzz. IT'S SO FURRY!!! Amazing Jumper: Episode (vintage store), £20. I don't know what to really say about it now, I'm really bad at analysing these things! Or I'm just tired.*
Once again, I was just wearing this with the outfit, but it's still so great. Sour Cherry, as per usual (seriously, I'm like their personal (?)). Um. OK. Not a word. Anyway I really love this. It's so quirky and purposefully childish, somehow making it AWESOME! I've always loved this ring, but I never really properly considered until Christmas/New Year (not Christian). I love it. I'm just not going to bother writing any more, I'm not making any sense. Sorry about that. x


*I was rudely interrupted this morning at 10:30!!! Hmph, right?

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