Sunday, 13 January 2013

things I must have

So, for no apparent reason I decided to make an etsy account a few days ago. I'm probably not going to order anything unless I find something that truly captures my heart and soul (shipping costs...a lot.) but I do have some favourites! Also I'm getting some pictures from other websites. Basically these are some things I dream about when I'm asleep or awake...
1. Lip Marker-Topshop. I need more lip colours (I'm not saying lipsticks because technically it isn't a stick), and this colour is great and Topshop is amazing.
2. Collar-Rings & Tings. I LOVE detachable collars, they just give such a classy, vintage feel to an outfit! I don't have any at home or any collared shirts I'd be willing to cut up, so this is perfect. Also as you can tell, I've been into dark red recently (I promise I'm not a vampire!)
3. Heart Necklace-Etsy. This is just plain cute! It has such a home-made feel! Adorable, kitsch and sweet!
4. Beetle Earrings-Etsy. If you haven't watched Moonrise Kingdom, first of all YOU HAVE NOT LIVED, and second of all you will not understand these gorgeous earrings. OK, so I like shiny bugs obviously, but the fact that they are dead is fine by me as they have been made into beautiful earrings! This reminds me of the brilliant love between Suzy and Sam, and the perfectness of Moonrise Kingdom.
5. Question Mark Ring-Rings & Tings. This is just so cool. OK. I don't NEED it. But who NEEDS jewellery at all? This is basically just awesome.
6. Polaroid Camera-Urban Outfitters. Ahh I should be doing homework. Anyway, Polaroids produce SUCH an amazing effect, and obviously the gorgeous mint colour won me over. This is great. I would be taking pictures of everything if I had one of these. WHY WORLD, WHY DO YOU MAKE THESE THINGS SO EXPENSIVE???
6. Galaxy Notebook-Etsy. I don't know about you, but looking at this just takes me into the Milky Way, staring up at the gorgeous universe (ignoring the fact I would either blow up because of the pressure of suffocate.) I need to do more notebook things, and this is amazing!
7. Velvet Skirt-Urban Outfitters. I love Urban Outfitters, and this skirt is totes amaze! Fits in with my red theme too! I've really been getting into velvet lately, and this is oh-so perfectly gorgeous!

So, there we go! Are these things NOT absolutely inspiring?

My friend showed me this and at first, I'm not going to lie, I was all like: Oh. Um. Well. What the?...
But now I'm all like: Woo! Yeah! This is pretty coooool.
Bye guys! I'm glad you enjoy my rambling hopes and dreams!

-Hannah x


  1. Ugh polaroids! They'll honestly be the death of me, I swear. Why must all the beautiful things be so expensive!

    Heather :)

  2. That question mark ring is the bomb! Must have it!

    Keep posting great stuff! :)

  3. Oh, don't even get me started about polaroids (swoon).

    Thank you so much Morgan! (my stuff is great? x)

    I really appreciate you guys commenting, and, well, READING. Honestly.