Friday, 18 January 2013

oh, isn't being ill fun? (the answer is no)

So, yes, I am ill. You know, the usual wintry cold (blegh). I have taken it upon myself to instead of going to school, wallow around in bed blogging and watching the snow fall (YES! I DID SAY SNOW!!!)

I'm thinking of doing a zine today, just simply because I have the time. I'm still pondering on the topic...

Anyway, just because I have the answers right now, let's look at the pros and cons of being ill:


  1. Well, you're ILL.
  2. You miss things at school. OK, this may be a good thing for some people. (cough missing double science today YAY cough)
  3. You don't see your friends.
  4. Your mum makes you make up for it by doing math. At home. (wuuuut? that's only my mum???)

  1. You get to actually have a good night's sleep. Seriously. Alarms are a form of torture.
  2. Your parents are all nice and make you soup and hug you a lot.
  3. You get to be at home! Warmth and freedom. What more does one need?
  4. Did I mention not actually having to drag your sleepy ass to school at 8 in the morning???
  5. You can blog and read and eat and watch the snow all day long.
  6. Etc.
Yeah, maybe it's just me, but the pros outweigh the cons. LET'S ALL GET A COLD!!! Joking.


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