Sunday, 20 January 2013

ice, ice, baby

I went ice-skating today for a birthday party (shout out to Myah!). One thing I've learnt today is that I am a natural skater. I swear I was, like, a gold medal Olympic star in my past life, or am destined to be one in the future. This is me:

Oh my god, I'm joking. I'm pretty bad at it. But whatever - funtimezzz. I fell over at least twice (it's actually quite painful!) I couldn't get up myself, so I was just casually sitting on the ice smiling at myself like: 'silly me'. I would draw a picture to illustrate the scene, but honestly I'm not bothered.

It fascinates me how people can figure/ice skate properly! It looks so natural and majestic and easy (it's not easy. At all.) It must take so much practice. 

Rookie did a whole article basically about figure skating and its wonders. Then again, Rookie has a whole article about everything. You can find it here.

On a different, shamazing note, I HAVE NO SCHOOL TOMORROW. It's not even because of the snow! It's because the heating isn't working! YAAAYY. FATE, I TELL YOU. FATE!!! I'm going to try and squeeze in everything I haven't done yet snow-wise - sledging, a full throttle snowball fight, making snow men/creatures/works of art and possibly snow cones (because why not!!!).

I'm going to go finish decorating the exterior of my Suzy Bishop shrine.


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