Sunday, 25 August 2013

aaaand she's back!

So, I have returned from my 3-week excursion to the land of America.

Which has been eventful and fun and amazing and almost...enlightening! I:
  • Finished Lolita on the plane back (which was hardcore and awe-inspiring and couldn't be read anywhere else BUT in America),
  • Got loads of new clothes (I shouldn't say new actually, most were vintage or used. I discovered the beacon's closet, guys!!! Check it out.), and
  • GOT A VINTAGE POLAROID FROM THE 70'S OR SOMETHING IT IS GORGEOUS (thank you Debbie!!!! It looks like this omigod: Tell me it's not beautiful. Go on. Also it works and did I mention it is gorgeous.)

Here is my trip in pictures, presented to you, dear reader, in two sections.

PART ONE: New York

Local diner where PURE MELTED BUTTER was served with the french toast...yum.

African art exhibition we went to.


Sitting down in museums when tired is my 'thing'.

We went to a David Clowes exhibition which was totally awesome...I think I'm going to get Ghost World! There were loads of original artworks and basically he's cool.

Being cute by Lake Michigan, my hometowwwnn.

This is by Diego Rivera -  I didn't know he ever did cubism!!

My summer's been pretty unproductive otherwise...and school starts in a bit over a week. WHYYYYYYYYYYY???????

more 2 come l8r


P.S. I just watched Moonrise Kingdom for the fifth time.

P.P.S. bye.