Saturday, 2 January 2016


hey everyone - happy new year! i actually had a really great new years eve and I'm (unusually) pumped for this year. although I have exams in the summer i have a feeling this is going to be an amazing year. In some ways 2016 feels surreal (turning 16 etc) but my mind has already mentally adjusted to the idea - for the last few weeks I have been confusing 2015 with 2016.

i don't really believe in new year's resolutions as it's so hard to stick to them, which just leads to frustration. however, i do like to set personal goals to do more with my perception of the world rather than physical changes like 'go to the gym' etc. basically i just want to enjoy this year and do well in my exams!


last tuesday (or should i say LAST YEAR wow) i finally got to see the yellowbluepink installation at the wellcome collection. the wait was pretty long - 1 and a 1/2 hours - but it was more than worth it! the installation is such a simple idea, but it was so powerful. basically the whole idea was to completely fill a room with coloured mist and let people roam around for a while. 

the scientific basis of the installation was to do with altered perception, which it definitely succeeded in. when i first entered the room my initial reaction was fear - it was really strange and disorienting to suddenly see nothing but a pink haze all around you. people looked like walls; walls looked like people. but i soon got used to it, and by the end i was reluctant to leave. 

it was a really strange sensation to hear people talking throughout the room but not see them - it was almost like being surrounded by ghosts. it was as though we were in a different universe, an endless haze. the complete absorption into the environment was strangely meditative and calming. time became sort of meaningless - there wasn't any context for the passing of time, only suspended mist. it felt like a space outside of time.

in some areas i couldn't even see my own feet, the mist was so thick. a metre away was hazy - people dissolved in and out of sight, materialising before dissipating again. aesthetically speaking, it was mesmerising. i wish i could go again, but i most likely won't get a chance as it's ending tomorrow..

a few weeks ago i read Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel, which i loved for some reason. i relate pretty strongly to the main character (i'm very indecisive) and it was just a really funny and strange novel. if you want a pretty fast read reminiscent of Ben Lerner i would 100% recommend it!

ok, i'll leave you with this song i've been obsessed with for the past few days: