Sunday, 23 November 2014


getting into fka twigs currently - I'm seeing her in a couple months and hence have been getting more acquainted with her work. Her music seems a kind of genre of its own, a strange mix of vulnerability and power and abstract beauty generally. The music videos to go with her songs are all vaguely, or not so vaguely, disturbing. I think she's pretty awesome.

and Lorde. For a long time I just mildly liked her work from a distance. I don't know what the problem was...too 'mainstream' for me? But after getting Pure Heroine, and basically every other song I could get my hands on of hers, I am in awe of her lyrics and voice and basically everything else about her/her music. I watched the latest Hunger Games movie yesterday and stayed until the very end just to hear Yellow Flicker Beat. I'm annoyed that the song wasn't in the actual movie - it really captures Katniss and her mentality/personality. So I was one of the only people left in the cinema, singing along to Lorde whilst people looked at me weirdly.

A few posts ago I wrote: 'I'm going back in 5 days which is nothing but also forever.' I think that whole nothing/forever thing is basically the teenage experience, at least for me. Everything feels so fast and fleeting but also neverending.