Monday, 31 December 2012

bye, 2012!

OK, so I haven't posted for a few days which is totally crappy of me, so this is really just a stocking filler (even though its not christmas and my blog isn't a stocking and I doubt this post will be a joy-giving present...losing my logic here). I've been cast away to my mum's laptop because I want to blog and we're having a small new years party and I can't really stay in the living room when everyone is being sociable apart from me...I've got photos on my camera to post but I will most likely do that tomorrow or whatever (IN 2013!!!). So, yeah, anyway, happy new year!!! Haha that just reminded me of the first Futurama episode. Heehee.

Just out of duty and bordom really, I'll do a new year's resolution. But, I mean, like I'll actually go through with them!!! (sarcasm) Anyway:

1. Be nicer to my rats. And less neglective. I'm such a bad mother :'(
2. Practice my guitar more
3. Work hard in school (the usual)
4. Dance more and do performances because dancing is amazing.
5. MEET TAVI GEVINSON (as if. Also I can't control that.)
6. Eat less chocolate
7. Keep blogging. Consistently.
8. Go to more vintage and thrifty stores. Basically continue my fashion interest.
9. Write more stories! I stopped and I feel bad now! Check out Wattpad, its great for publishing short stories online for free!!
10. Make my room shamazing.
11. Be nicer in general (not that I'm mean or anything!)

So yeah, there we go! I will probably fulfill about 3 of these. So happy new year!!! 2012 has gone so incredibly fast. I mean, it's not particularly a BAD thing but it's scary - one day I'll wake up and it'll be 2034 and I'll go to work and say goodbye to my kids and get in my car and...breathe, Hannah. In, out, in, out.


Friday, 28 December 2012



book review: Looking For Alaska

For Christmas one of the things I got was Looking For Alaska by John Green. My parents know how much I enjoyed The Fault In our Stars (AMAZING book - it kinda changed my life), so naturally they bought me this one too. 

From the beginning, this book hooks you in. It always fascinates me reading books from a boys perspective because they just seem so different and impossible to be. But this book made me realise in a way that they really aren't that different from us. I mean, Miles has a fairly large age gap, gender difference and character from me, but I can totally relate to going to a new school, struggling to find true friends, and along the way changing - as new experiences are felt - for the better.

I'm going to try to not give away the plot or anything for people who may want to read it (you should!). This DOES make it harder for me, so I'll be general. OK. So, there's this boy from Florida. He's what you might call your 'average' person, he could be anyone really - but, no, he's Miles Halter. His lack of friends doesn't seem to bother him as he had come to terms with it long ago, but his previously unaware parents decide that Miles's decision to change to a boarding school is a good idea. Soon he's leaving his comfortably mediocre town, and off into the unknown of Alabama to his designation - Culver Creek.

Miles is interested by last words. He collects them in his brain, almost as if a solace to the immediacy of real life. This, in a way, is why he wants a change - he seeks the Great Perhaps. Miles doesn't go out of his way for his social life, but coincidentally  he ends up roommates with probably one of the greatest friends he would ever have. Or maybe that's not a coincidence. Perhaps if he HAD ended up roomies with someone else, he would be a different person, creating an alternate parallel universe for himself. But it's a book and that would change everything and ARRGGHH these are the kind of things I think about. Wow, I get off topic easily, don't I? ANYWAY...he is thrust head on into a totally unfamiliar but fantastic group of friends (he is also thrust in this manner into a lake), that causes him to meet Alaska. Alaska: sexy, intelligent, changeable, wild, impulsive and the one thing on Miles's mind after meeting her. Now this is a twist.

I don't think, plot-wise, I should go any further before you will basically be reading the whole book on my blog! 

The thing about John Green is that he can make a story with maybe a predictable, not at all BORING but a kind of CALM plot into an utter work of art. I don't know if anyone really notices because he does it so wonderfully discreetly, but he slips in beautiful, elaborate, sometimes even SHAKESPEAREAN words into his writing. I really enjoy this about his work. His plots are so modern and relevant and still he sneaks in these great words that for me create a mature air about his books.

So, obviously, SOMETHING happens that changes everything. The book is split into Before and After. His life as he knows it completely changes. If you have read the book you're probably a) not reading this because you already know what happens and EVERYTHING b) smiling and nodding because you agree with me and John Green is amazing, or c) crying because you're thinking of what happened. If you haven't read it, you probably have NO IDEA what I'm going on about.

Now to be honest, I thought that the AFTER bit was going to be boring. What else is there to write, really?  Come on, most books would end on that cliffhanger, but no, there's still, like, 100 pages to read!!! WELL LET ME SAY NOW THAT I'M BLOODY GLAD FOR JOHN GREEN'S AMAZING BRAIN AND HIS DECISION TO WRITE THIS BOOK EXACTLY HOW HE DID. The afterburn was crucial. Because events all have consequences, and whatever was once made will fall apart again. I think we, as readers, needed to feel what they felt, and continue the painful journey that takes place after these things happen right along with them. This book is perfect. John Green is perfect and you should read it because it is perfect because it is not perfect. Sorry for the lack of pictures but if you give a crap about what I'm actually saying then it doesn't matter, right? Oh wow, I have written a heapload of STUFF.


Thursday, 27 December 2012

foxes and collages

I love foxes. My love has only developed fairly recently, but I've always felt, like, a CONNECTION to them. So here's basically a collage I made of them (first try at it! Did I do well?) and a list of why they rule the world.
  1. Um, has ANYONE watched Fantastic Mr. Fox? It is SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!! This is kinda random but I think if I were a fox, I'd end up with Ash. He's so adorable.
  2. They used to live in my back garden and sleep on the shed and walk around casually just being all mysterious and awesome etc. Which leads me on to my next point...
  4. They make weird noises and look pretty. 
Hey so now that I've expressed my love, here's my collage! I was going to add trees and stuff but my parents were watching Prometheus and I wanted to vacate the room as quickly as possible...But still, here it is!!
Bye now!


Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Well, I suppose by now Santa has visited you all. Yes, he IS real!!! (He's not. I knew that about 8 years ago. Sorry to ruin all your hopes and dreams.)

Christmas has become so TERRIBLY commercialized that it's pretty sad. Even I, as an atheist, have so far opened my pile of presents and listened to a whole playlist of christmassy songs to put anyone in a festive mood. I do understand that obviously not everyone celebrates it, so lets just say...
I hope you (my probably non-existent readers)have fun! I can't believe how fast 2012 has gone (the world didn't end) and how fast 2013 is coming! It's RIDICULOUS!!! So, anyway, be happy and have a great new year!


Monday, 24 December 2012

lana del rey

To be honest, I've got mixed feelings about Lana, as does everyone probably. She has a great voice. Eerily beautiful and kind of mystical. She's pretty in a very elaborate way - not, like, CUTE as in Eliza Doolittle or Elle Fanning. She's not OBVIOUSLY pretty, she's kinda beautiful as you get to know her through her songs. I like her songs and the feel and how they sound but the topics are depressing and just make me want to take her home and give her some hot cocoa and talk to her about what the hell she's doing with her personal life (who cares that I'm way younger than her? Ok, well, figuratively.) I was kind of on a just-listen-to-the-song-and-ignore-the-lyrics basis with her for a while, which is a bit MEAN of me. But the lyrics are a bit explicit and vulgar to say the least, about how high she bloody gets with her (many?) boyfriends...

Lana looking pretty normal - she is so hawt here! <3
Well, this mindframe was kinda around the time I found ROOKIE (yaaaay). Tavi often expresses her love for Lana and how the reason she likes Lana is basically because so many people DON'T like her. I swear I'm not 'copying', but I agree with Tavi. Well, I get what she means at least. Yeah, so that's my interesting tale about how I got to like Lana more, and experience her scariness willingly! Now here are pictures! (I don't own any of them! I haven't met her, after all!)

Being a patriotic girly!
A bit extreme...
Cuz flowers are IN
OK, JUST A SIDE NOTE WITH NO INTENDED OFFENCE: What is with her lips? I mean, they are unusually 'big'. Did she get something done? Ahh well it's not my business! Live long and prosper, Lana!


Sunday, 23 December 2012


I want it to snow.
I don't know,
It just has to be so.
Instead it rains,
Giving me heart pains.
I want it to snow.
I don't know.

the utter perfectness of Moonrise Kingdom

I watched Moonrise Kingdom yesterday for the first time. I don't think I can even START to express how much I absolutely love it love it love it.  It is so perfect and amazing and sad and happy and funny and EVERYTHING. Watching it with my parents is just a BIT awkward, but I'm really open with them so it's all good. Most people my age I think would be a bit immature with it which is pretty sad because I can't really think of any of my friends that would enjoy it, or GET it (yet). It is such an absolutely beautiful movie which is really moving (getting all emosh here). It's so absolutely PURE that these two pre-teens of lives so difficult find love. Like 'REAL real' love that most likely would last much longer than the movie ends at. I know that things like that don't happen in life but it's pretty great to watch in such a flawless moo-vayy (running out of adjectives here).

After it finished I went straight to the internet looking for a movie poster of it, firstly because it's so damn awesome, but also because I'm kinda desperate to decorate my room that right now kinda looks right out of an IKEA catalogue (cringe). Lately I've been thinking about the 'teenage bedroom' of messiness and crap and uniqueness and basically everything everywhere. I WANT to look back at myself later and go: "what an amazing dump of me-ness I had for a room", you know? Or maybe not. I think I have OCD about, like, everything.

Well, on the bright side, I found THE poster from RedBubble. Is it not just so?
I love Suzy too much, I think. I kinda tend to basically only like girl characters in movies which is kinda sexist (or feministic, depending how you want to put it) but OH WELL. Her makeup is so dramatic and brilliant like everything in the movie. She is SO pretty. Jeez. (In a scary 'I'm either going to kill you or myself if I get pissed' way...)

And this might just be me being me, but I am obsessed with the fahion in this movie. The whole time I was all like, "THAT DRESS!!! AHHH IT'S TOO PERFECT JUST LOOK AT THE COLOUR AND SHAPE AND EVERYTHING!!!". My mum was just sighing - rightly so. Whatever.

Anyway, if you haven't WATCH IT!!! NOW!!! GO!!! 


Friday, 21 December 2012


This is actually too perfect. Enjoy (WHO DAMN WOULDN'T!!!)

Comment your thoughts! I actually am in love with these guys.

Monday, 17 December 2012


I like fashion. But I look at it, not MAKE it or WEAR it so until I've visited a billion thrift shops in Camden and have got ma owwn style I will observe it from afar. Which is fine. For now. Now, say no more, as far as I'm concerned Tavi Gevinson is a total fashion guru but the mainstream designers can also make some damn hot stuff, which they SHOULD seeing as they are super rich. Right now I am LOVING knee-high socks and  cat-eye eyeliner (I am going to FAIL at it TREMENDOUSLY when I get liquid eyeliner) and Doctor Martens and brogues (got both - boooyyaaahh) and big jumpers and awesome shorts and STUFF. So when I get the chance (cough cough) to buy stuff+make stuff etc. then my uniqueness will be replenished and I will be happy. Right now i can't do these things ANYWAY because it is soooo cold here and the stupid dress code at my school restricts me and I would be a badman and wear shorts and crap anyway but...I don't want to get told off (heehee). Got my smart-girl geek (who is still cool) rep. to live up to, right? Anyway, life is hard fashion-wise but observing is good and brings inspiration so it's fine!!!! By the way sorry about the amount of capital letters I'm just hyped right now for no apparent reason so stay with me!! Just to say: I CLAIM NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER OF THESE PHOTOS!!! Not mine! Is it still copyright?? Ahhh. Well in the future I will use my own photos just to be safe. Oh yeah, also to add, I LOVE LOVE LOVE converse-style high platformed shoes. Sooo epicly epic.
I really like this!! I don't know why really. The one on the far right is my favourite, partly because I love shorts but also because big jumpers are so amazing!!! Houndstooth pattern is cool and I like the contrasting colours. It kinda reminds me of the shirt Tavi wears in this vid:
Anyway, moving on.
I love Eliza Doolittle. She is honestly SUCH an inspiration to me, moral and fashion wise. Amazinggg singer. This skirt is so old-school (gorgeous) and the jumper is cute and...well, I already explained my obsession with jumpers.
Yum. Looks like a referee uniform but for a woman and stylish! This is just so cool. I totally have a girl crush on this woman <3 
Shorts are great=this is great. The drums kinda make it rock-chicky. Can imagine wearing this with my DMs and a grey....JUMPER!!!! Hahaha. This really appeals to mee. As you can tell I'm not the best at explaining why.

Ok so Blogger is being annoying and I've written quite a lot so I'm gonna end it here. I will write more about this, deffo weffo. Fashion is so important!!! 


question marks.

Now I've been reading other blogs which has inspired me but also left me feeling depressed. I don't have an awesome name or have an 'out there' fashion style, I don't go to thrift shops (Actually I some point), I don't make my own song remixes, have a really cool, unique bedroom or meet famous people!!!!! I'm just ME which is cool, because its ME and stuff but I'm not that different or interesting and I feel boring now. Reallly boring. Does anyone else feel the same? It's SO stupid how people are so worried about blending in when all the best people in life are unique. Am I unique? I say I like fashion, but in a really 'outsider' kind of way. I don't wear crazy things or make my own clothes. Also I've realised that this blog is really about expression of the self and even if no-one gives a shit about what I'm saying I should still be me. Well then the question is...WHO AM I??? I can't answer that yet. There's SO MANY damn questions in this world that I want answers for. 

I know unique people don't have to TRY to be unique because they just are who they are quite happily which is awesome but I feel in a way I need to try(?) Not in a needy way, it's just I think I need to push MYSELF to be more like who I am on the inside even if I'm confused about that. Reading back on this this makes no sense but oh well. Expression, right?

I need to decorate my room. God, it's SO boring. I want to get some artwork or MAKE some or whatever. I should. And yes, I really super duper pinkie promise I WILL add pictures from my camera at some point. If anyone is reading or cares or whatever. Also please comment as long as it's nice and your not a creep or something. No offence to creeps. It's just I feel like I'm writing to a brick wall.


Saturday, 15 December 2012


I'm pretty picky when it comes to jewellery. To be honest I should be more open minded but I like what I like, right? I'm really into Sour Cherry, a cute, unique homemade business from Sheffield. LOVE their work :)

Although the classic diamonds and pearls are really beautiful, I wouldn't really feel right wearing them. What's the point of something so expensive? It doesn't have creativity, just wealth written all over it. Not that I would be wearing such things anyway seeing as I'm not:

  • The queen
  • Ultra rich and living in the 19th century
  • In my late 20's or whatever 
I'm kinda going off the topic as per usual, sorry about that. Can't help having this rambling mind of mine. So anyway, maybe I should be more inventive with this? I mean, fashion is really important to me, or at least I feel it is. Maybe you feel the same way - I mean everybody is confused about what to be and who they are at some point at their lives, especially in teenagerhood. If you have any suggestions for jewellery websites you like, that would be great! 

I think my style varies but the good thing is I always know what I like and don't like. Just to add, Topshop jewellery is also great, the modern, edgy designs using a lot of geometric shapes appeal to me a lot. But I guess then you see what I mean. On one hand I love Topshop and on the other I love Sour Cherry when they have really contrasting ideas. Oh well. I'd rather be interesting than monotonous. I'm talking about myself too much! I know it's the POINT of a blog but I feel really vain. Well, I guess I can't talk about you seeing as I don't know you....ahhh!!! 

Get ready for LOADS of pictures of my (many) necklaces....Well, this is the first one to show. I got it in a shop in America called PacSun. I like the arrows and chain combo, it gives a minimalist but edgy feel!  
This picture is really quite out of focus, sorry! Wow, I apologise a lot, don't I? Anywayy...I got the key for less than a pound in a cute craft store (Slanchogled arts+crafts-don't ask, I don't know WHAT that name is about)and the chain was just a spare one so...I mixed and matched!!! Got all ~creative~. As you can see I'm wearing this with my shiny-ish purple jumper thang...Alice In Wonderland-esque!!!

I actually made this at school, believe it or not!You can design it on the computer and it gets cut out of acrylic by a laser cutter! By the way, it a blue mushroom if that's not obvious :)

This is from a cute little store in Camden Stables that sells loads of these cute little ceramic necklaces (expensive). Really nice stuff. I love the colour of the chain and trumpets are all jazzy!
One of my favourites from Sour Cherry. Don't be afraid of your intelligence! Embrace your inner geek!!! Love this, it's so IN YOUR FACE (in a good way) like most Sour Cherry things! The only bad thing is I've got this wet like 3 times, and the paint went all smudgy immediately, but you can't tell so it's all good.
I got given this for my birthday by my awesome friend Laura who has the most awesome jewellery ever! It's from a random stall in Camden Stables (again), there's too many to keep track! I'm wearing this right now, it's so cute and the colours are quite intense!

I've written SO MUCH wow. I've got soooo much stuff to do still and it's getting late-Bye!


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DIY hot chocolate (notice the pure love glowing from me)

As a utter chocoholic (it's bad, I know), sometimes you need that warm, glorious drink in the mid-afternoon to warm your sugar-craving soul (especially when it's FREEZING COLD like it is here). Now here's my own (fairly obvious to make without this post by yourself using brains and initiative) hot chocolate recipe.
*a microwavable mug
*a microwave
*a spoon

Step 1: Collect random bits of preferably different chocolates to create a variation of taste. Put this in your mug. Include as much chocolate as you want, but I suggest about 5 squares.
Step 2: Add milk. Pour until it is roughly 2/3 of the way up the mug.
Step 3: Insert in microwave. On full power leave for 1 minute, take out and stir, and leave for roughly another minute.
Step 4: Take out and stir some more!!! Congratulations, you have officially made home made hot chocolate woop woop.
Step 5: TOPPINGS!!! Go crazy. Cinnamon? Marshmallows? Chilli sauce? Whatever suits your fancy.

P.S. As an easy alternative use proper hot chocolate mix from a store like a normal person.