Monday, 24 December 2012

lana del rey

To be honest, I've got mixed feelings about Lana, as does everyone probably. She has a great voice. Eerily beautiful and kind of mystical. She's pretty in a very elaborate way - not, like, CUTE as in Eliza Doolittle or Elle Fanning. She's not OBVIOUSLY pretty, she's kinda beautiful as you get to know her through her songs. I like her songs and the feel and how they sound but the topics are depressing and just make me want to take her home and give her some hot cocoa and talk to her about what the hell she's doing with her personal life (who cares that I'm way younger than her? Ok, well, figuratively.) I was kind of on a just-listen-to-the-song-and-ignore-the-lyrics basis with her for a while, which is a bit MEAN of me. But the lyrics are a bit explicit and vulgar to say the least, about how high she bloody gets with her (many?) boyfriends...

Lana looking pretty normal - she is so hawt here! <3
Well, this mindframe was kinda around the time I found ROOKIE (yaaaay). Tavi often expresses her love for Lana and how the reason she likes Lana is basically because so many people DON'T like her. I swear I'm not 'copying', but I agree with Tavi. Well, I get what she means at least. Yeah, so that's my interesting tale about how I got to like Lana more, and experience her scariness willingly! Now here are pictures! (I don't own any of them! I haven't met her, after all!)

Being a patriotic girly!
A bit extreme...
Cuz flowers are IN
OK, JUST A SIDE NOTE WITH NO INTENDED OFFENCE: What is with her lips? I mean, they are unusually 'big'. Did she get something done? Ahh well it's not my business! Live long and prosper, Lana!



  1. AHRGH YOU ARE A TREKKIE!! Oh wait that's so incredibly great! Star Trek is the best thing ever and my fav character is spock because he's great! Want to become a member of my spaceship? I mean, later, when I am done with building it? Yeeha!

    She actually had something done with their lips. I admire her, she has this supercool vibes of a sixties drama queen, but I don't like her for this be-famous plan. Everything about her seems like she is planning it exactly for ages, and she actually does. big minus. But she is still kinda amazing.

  2. Oh spock's eyebrows are so totally AWESOME! I need to watch Star Trek again I've just seen bits and bobs of it! YES SPACESHIPS ROOOOOL I WANNA COUNT ALL THE STARS :3

    Yeah I know what you mean about Lana, still not sure about her!

    Finally someone's commented. It's been, like, forever x

  3. First time I saw born to die, I just automatically became obsessed with the chick - I like her themes of the American dream in her songs!