Monday, 17 December 2012


I like fashion. But I look at it, not MAKE it or WEAR it so until I've visited a billion thrift shops in Camden and have got ma owwn style I will observe it from afar. Which is fine. For now. Now, say no more, as far as I'm concerned Tavi Gevinson is a total fashion guru but the mainstream designers can also make some damn hot stuff, which they SHOULD seeing as they are super rich. Right now I am LOVING knee-high socks and  cat-eye eyeliner (I am going to FAIL at it TREMENDOUSLY when I get liquid eyeliner) and Doctor Martens and brogues (got both - boooyyaaahh) and big jumpers and awesome shorts and STUFF. So when I get the chance (cough cough) to buy stuff+make stuff etc. then my uniqueness will be replenished and I will be happy. Right now i can't do these things ANYWAY because it is soooo cold here and the stupid dress code at my school restricts me and I would be a badman and wear shorts and crap anyway but...I don't want to get told off (heehee). Got my smart-girl geek (who is still cool) rep. to live up to, right? Anyway, life is hard fashion-wise but observing is good and brings inspiration so it's fine!!!! By the way sorry about the amount of capital letters I'm just hyped right now for no apparent reason so stay with me!! Just to say: I CLAIM NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER OF THESE PHOTOS!!! Not mine! Is it still copyright?? Ahhh. Well in the future I will use my own photos just to be safe. Oh yeah, also to add, I LOVE LOVE LOVE converse-style high platformed shoes. Sooo epicly epic.
I really like this!! I don't know why really. The one on the far right is my favourite, partly because I love shorts but also because big jumpers are so amazing!!! Houndstooth pattern is cool and I like the contrasting colours. It kinda reminds me of the shirt Tavi wears in this vid:
Anyway, moving on.
I love Eliza Doolittle. She is honestly SUCH an inspiration to me, moral and fashion wise. Amazinggg singer. This skirt is so old-school (gorgeous) and the jumper is cute and...well, I already explained my obsession with jumpers.
Yum. Looks like a referee uniform but for a woman and stylish! This is just so cool. I totally have a girl crush on this woman <3 
Shorts are great=this is great. The drums kinda make it rock-chicky. Can imagine wearing this with my DMs and a grey....JUMPER!!!! Hahaha. This really appeals to mee. As you can tell I'm not the best at explaining why.

Ok so Blogger is being annoying and I've written quite a lot so I'm gonna end it here. I will write more about this, deffo weffo. Fashion is so important!!! 


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