Monday, 17 December 2012

question marks.

Now I've been reading other blogs which has inspired me but also left me feeling depressed. I don't have an awesome name or have an 'out there' fashion style, I don't go to thrift shops (Actually I some point), I don't make my own song remixes, have a really cool, unique bedroom or meet famous people!!!!! I'm just ME which is cool, because its ME and stuff but I'm not that different or interesting and I feel boring now. Reallly boring. Does anyone else feel the same? It's SO stupid how people are so worried about blending in when all the best people in life are unique. Am I unique? I say I like fashion, but in a really 'outsider' kind of way. I don't wear crazy things or make my own clothes. Also I've realised that this blog is really about expression of the self and even if no-one gives a shit about what I'm saying I should still be me. Well then the question is...WHO AM I??? I can't answer that yet. There's SO MANY damn questions in this world that I want answers for. 

I know unique people don't have to TRY to be unique because they just are who they are quite happily which is awesome but I feel in a way I need to try(?) Not in a needy way, it's just I think I need to push MYSELF to be more like who I am on the inside even if I'm confused about that. Reading back on this this makes no sense but oh well. Expression, right?

I need to decorate my room. God, it's SO boring. I want to get some artwork or MAKE some or whatever. I should. And yes, I really super duper pinkie promise I WILL add pictures from my camera at some point. If anyone is reading or cares or whatever. Also please comment as long as it's nice and your not a creep or something. No offence to creeps. It's just I feel like I'm writing to a brick wall.


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