Saturday, 15 December 2012


I'm pretty picky when it comes to jewellery. To be honest I should be more open minded but I like what I like, right? I'm really into Sour Cherry, a cute, unique homemade business from Sheffield. LOVE their work :)

Although the classic diamonds and pearls are really beautiful, I wouldn't really feel right wearing them. What's the point of something so expensive? It doesn't have creativity, just wealth written all over it. Not that I would be wearing such things anyway seeing as I'm not:

  • The queen
  • Ultra rich and living in the 19th century
  • In my late 20's or whatever 
I'm kinda going off the topic as per usual, sorry about that. Can't help having this rambling mind of mine. So anyway, maybe I should be more inventive with this? I mean, fashion is really important to me, or at least I feel it is. Maybe you feel the same way - I mean everybody is confused about what to be and who they are at some point at their lives, especially in teenagerhood. If you have any suggestions for jewellery websites you like, that would be great! 

I think my style varies but the good thing is I always know what I like and don't like. Just to add, Topshop jewellery is also great, the modern, edgy designs using a lot of geometric shapes appeal to me a lot. But I guess then you see what I mean. On one hand I love Topshop and on the other I love Sour Cherry when they have really contrasting ideas. Oh well. I'd rather be interesting than monotonous. I'm talking about myself too much! I know it's the POINT of a blog but I feel really vain. Well, I guess I can't talk about you seeing as I don't know you....ahhh!!! 

Get ready for LOADS of pictures of my (many) necklaces....Well, this is the first one to show. I got it in a shop in America called PacSun. I like the arrows and chain combo, it gives a minimalist but edgy feel!  
This picture is really quite out of focus, sorry! Wow, I apologise a lot, don't I? Anywayy...I got the key for less than a pound in a cute craft store (Slanchogled arts+crafts-don't ask, I don't know WHAT that name is about)and the chain was just a spare one so...I mixed and matched!!! Got all ~creative~. As you can see I'm wearing this with my shiny-ish purple jumper thang...Alice In Wonderland-esque!!!

I actually made this at school, believe it or not!You can design it on the computer and it gets cut out of acrylic by a laser cutter! By the way, it a blue mushroom if that's not obvious :)

This is from a cute little store in Camden Stables that sells loads of these cute little ceramic necklaces (expensive). Really nice stuff. I love the colour of the chain and trumpets are all jazzy!
One of my favourites from Sour Cherry. Don't be afraid of your intelligence! Embrace your inner geek!!! Love this, it's so IN YOUR FACE (in a good way) like most Sour Cherry things! The only bad thing is I've got this wet like 3 times, and the paint went all smudgy immediately, but you can't tell so it's all good.
I got given this for my birthday by my awesome friend Laura who has the most awesome jewellery ever! It's from a random stall in Camden Stables (again), there's too many to keep track! I'm wearing this right now, it's so cute and the colours are quite intense!

I've written SO MUCH wow. I've got soooo much stuff to do still and it's getting late-Bye!


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