Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Well, I suppose by now Santa has visited you all. Yes, he IS real!!! (He's not. I knew that about 8 years ago. Sorry to ruin all your hopes and dreams.)

Christmas has become so TERRIBLY commercialized that it's pretty sad. Even I, as an atheist, have so far opened my pile of presents and listened to a whole playlist of christmassy songs to put anyone in a festive mood. I do understand that obviously not everyone celebrates it, so lets just say...
I hope you (my probably non-existent readers)have fun! I can't believe how fast 2012 has gone (the world didn't end) and how fast 2013 is coming! It's RIDICULOUS!!! So, anyway, be happy and have a great new year!



  1. Happy holidays! (:

    Your blog is really cool! keep on blogging <33


    PS: thank you for following <3

  2. Thanks and you're welcome!

    Your blog is totally awesome - space angel ballerinas sound like the coolest thing ever!