Monday, 31 December 2012

bye, 2012!

OK, so I haven't posted for a few days which is totally crappy of me, so this is really just a stocking filler (even though its not christmas and my blog isn't a stocking and I doubt this post will be a joy-giving present...losing my logic here). I've been cast away to my mum's laptop because I want to blog and we're having a small new years party and I can't really stay in the living room when everyone is being sociable apart from me...I've got photos on my camera to post but I will most likely do that tomorrow or whatever (IN 2013!!!). So, yeah, anyway, happy new year!!! Haha that just reminded me of the first Futurama episode. Heehee.

Just out of duty and bordom really, I'll do a new year's resolution. But, I mean, like I'll actually go through with them!!! (sarcasm) Anyway:

1. Be nicer to my rats. And less neglective. I'm such a bad mother :'(
2. Practice my guitar more
3. Work hard in school (the usual)
4. Dance more and do performances because dancing is amazing.
5. MEET TAVI GEVINSON (as if. Also I can't control that.)
6. Eat less chocolate
7. Keep blogging. Consistently.
8. Go to more vintage and thrifty stores. Basically continue my fashion interest.
9. Write more stories! I stopped and I feel bad now! Check out Wattpad, its great for publishing short stories online for free!!
10. Make my room shamazing.
11. Be nicer in general (not that I'm mean or anything!)

So yeah, there we go! I will probably fulfill about 3 of these. So happy new year!!! 2012 has gone so incredibly fast. I mean, it's not particularly a BAD thing but it's scary - one day I'll wake up and it'll be 2034 and I'll go to work and say goodbye to my kids and get in my car and...breathe, Hannah. In, out, in, out.


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  1. were having a party to but not a big one but im just on my laptop blogging lool and 2034 like seriously hannah we need to get through 2013 first HAPPY NEW YEAR HONEYY!!! XX
    just putting that out there ;)