Thursday, 3 January 2013

AAWWOOOOO (supposing that's the sound a wolf makes)

For Christmas, one of the shamazing things I got was a wolfy hat thang (if you live in the UK and you like awesome wolfy hats GO GET IT RUN, IT'S ON SALE FOR 3 POUNDS NOW AHHH!!!) from New Look! New Look actually gets on my nerves BIG TIME because literally whenever I buy something, it goes on sale right after. sigh. Anyway it IS especially fantastic so here are some pics!!! :)
 Here's just a top view of the hat! It's so fluffy and brilliant!
Ok so this is obviously not a wolf hat but I was wearing it wit the whole outfit so...It's a -collar chain- and it is pretty cool. Basically it's just pins on the collar, and it spruces up an outfit! It left a surprisingly small mark after first inserting them, so you can safely wear the same shirt without the chain after too! They are just so great. From Sour Cherry again.

I WAS going to do a full-outfit pic but it's not working. Oh well!


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  1. The bowling pin is shamazinggg and answer your phone!!!!! xxxx