Friday, 4 January 2013

you catch my eye...

I just wanted to do a collection of pictures I like. These are all pretty vintage, which I have TOTALLY been getting into lately! I would do more but I'm picky and going brain-dead from the amount of time I've spent on this laptop.
This is the 'map of a woman's heart' I didn't get an extremely good look at it but it's so cute. Vintage is brilliant. (source: Pinterest)
OMFG this is gorgeous. I'm not into fur or anything but she is beautiful and I love black and white photography. Her eye makeup is perfect and her hair...Overwhelmed with fantabulousness over here. (source: tumblr)
Do I even need to explain this? It is the best thing ever! (It's not. Close!) Just...perfect. (source: tumblr)

This is a failed attempt. Will do something similar another time! Peace!


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