Sunday, 21 February 2016

lowkey lonely

hey everyone! i apologise in advance for a very jumbled post, with no coherent theme apart from 'things that have been going on in my life recently'.

anyway: below is a picture (couldn't figure out 8tracks haha) of a playlist I made to allow myself to smoothly segue into the new year. these are some of the songs I love the most, which I can listen to endlessly. they don't exactly sustain a mood or theme but there is definitely a common lowkey thread which entwines them all together for me. I made a youtube playlist of them, if you want to give it a listen? they're all very chill songs with a tinge of loneliness or darkness creeping in - the best kind of song, in my opinion.


also i just got twitter, so follow me if you want! I'm terrible at tweeting tbh but at least i can retweet! @hannahh_lg ;)


in other news, I got a ~behind-the-scenes~ tour of the animal hospital at London Zoo which was AMAZING and involved me feeding and petting a cool anteater from Peru. I also got to feed 2 monkeys (i think they were golden lion tamarins but not sure) and a mongoose squirrel thing. 

in conclusion, queen B slays again. 


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