Monday, 27 April 2015

double crossing time

hey! feeling ~inspired/in a good mood right now.







I am ecstatic/concerned as to what my goals will be now for the rest of my life. Tricky has been so important to me for so long, it feels unreal to be actually seeing him live. I feel like I should wait? is that weird? obviously i can see him more than once but I have a feeling (premonition?) that this will be the only opportunity i will have to go to his concert, and therefore need to stretch it out, savour the waiting time.

I'm also seeing Ibeyi in November...if nothing else, 2015 will undoubtedly be the best concert year of my life thus far (fka twigs/tricky/afropunk/ibeyi).


as of today i am obsessed with this song:
i can't explain it? i usually only listen to electronic music, but this song captivates me (and is now on repeat).


on saturday i went to a lecture about Basquiat at the ICA (with my mum (hi mum)), which was really interesting! it was cool to hear interpretations of his work that gave a philosophical/personal context - otherwise i feel as though i don't really 'get it' when looking at his work, and am mostly in awe of the world he's created or colours used instead of thinking about the meaning of it. it was a bit problematic (the speaker thought Basquiat had lived a 'full life' by the age of 27...there is so much more work he could have done if he didn't have such a destructive drug addiction - just because he made such a large body of work doesn't mean he was meant to die so young), but still great, although it left me feeling very melancholic at the end.


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