Thursday, 12 December 2013

neglecting your blog 101

I want to be in Twin Peaks. David Lynch is a twisted genius - I've been in denial that it's over, that I have watched it all. WHAT ARE THE OWLS???????? AHHHHHH IF THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM THEN WTF ARE THEY.


ahh like the best two characters <3

I am sick of this narcissism that has taken over our generation. I don't need another excuse to think/talk about myself, which is what a blog is? basically?

Sometimes I feel separate from myself, watching over. It's strange. Dreams are the same way, observing a scene, observing myself. I want to cover all the mirrors, delete my instagram, any means of actively looking at myself. 'selfies' are a strange concept. Why do we take pictures of ourselves? I'm not particularly against it, but it's not good for me. me me me.


Tricky is an entity, a necessity. Found this song in trying to make a mixtape of his music:

How beautiful? 

End of the year and it is busy busy busy. Where did the time go?


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