Monday, 1 July 2013

the virgin suicides

I watched The Virgin Suicides yesterday...finally...

It was amazing and I fell in love with every character and the bedroom scenes of the sisters were the most perfect thing ever and I love that Sofia Coppola kept the story exactly the same, because the words of Jeffrey Eugenides are pure gold. 

I was waiting a really long time to watch this film, for the 'perfect time'. I wanted it to be spiritual, and I thought watching it by myself or with friends would somehow make it more special but then I scrapped my anticipation and watched it with my dad.

The film so closely resembled all that The Virgin Suicides really is that I almost expected what was coming next. Nothing surprised me, and it was a natural experience to watch, if that makes sense. 

I feel so sorry for the father when he starts to go mad and gets fired. The angsty frustration of burning your beloved vinyl records was so beautifully portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, who surprisingly fitted Lux's character.

I could go on with my awkwardly-worded musings, but the cinematography of it was equally brilliant as everything else, so FILM STILLS TIME!

And so much more...


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  1. I really need to watch the Virgin Suicides! I've been meaning to for so long because I read the book quite recently and adored Jeffrey Eugenides' writing so I want to see how the transposed it to film. I'll get round to it eventually, I hope.

    ♦ Heather ♦